Romantic echo and illustrious personalties

The marvelous palace of Cà Nigra Lagoon Resort in Venice boasts views over the Canal Grande as it is located just a few hundred meters (yards) away from Piazzale Roma and from the Santa Lucia train station...

Every palace in Venice has an important past. Cà Nigra's splendor has endured through the ages, having hosted prestigious men, women, and illustrious personalities, such as Italian poet and ambassador, Costantino Nigra.
A highly regarded man of his time and a relentlessly cosmopolitan traveler, the Piedmontese Costantino Nigra was a close friend to French empress Eugenia di Montijo, as well as a famous poet and writer. He lived in the 19th century and served as a wise diplomat for the Count of Cavour.

After serving as a diplomat to the courts of Saint Petersburg, London, and Vienna, the ambassador chose to permanently settle in Venice, where he sought a sublime home along the Canal Grande, a home now available to all our guests.
Nigra purchased land in the district of San Simeone Profeta, then the wool-working heart of the sestriere Santa Croce, and hired the talented architect Giovanni Sardi to create an eclectic Byzantine-Gothic construction following the design trends of the time.

Cà Nigra embodied multiple styles, featuring oriental-style calming diffuse lights, marble, leaded glass, marvelous Venetian floors, and a beautiful rose garden leading to the entrance- a fitting faithful projection of its illustrious owner's soul.
After his death in 1907, Costantino Nigra's plush home, with its triple round arches, graceful loggia and pietra d'Istria balcony was taken over by the Guetta family, who rented it out to the Italian Railways, who adapted the building to multiple uses.

More recently, Cà Nigra underwent a wise restoration, which has returned the palazzo to its original splendor, indoor mosaics, refined oriental elements, and front garden - ever so welcoming and so well maintained. This palace has the power to transport you back through time to a suspended reality where history, tradition, and modern elements happily become one.

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