Horn of plenty of feelings and tender emotions

To lose each other 1000 times and to find each other just as many times with your love is possible in Venice. Long chats to get to know each other better in the garden full of flowers of the Hotel Ca’ Nigra Lagoon Resort on the Canal Grande (only 3 minutes on foot from the railway-station)and then words will subside to give way to a silence full of significance. Sipping a Bellini, the famous welcoming-drink offered by the hotel, words of love will come deep from your heart. All of a sudden you will be inspired like a poet as you contemplate this extraordinary venetian palazzo, the antique residence of the count who wasn’t an amateur at all in things of love and declarations.

There are few so romantic things as looking at the starry sky together with the person you are in love with and to reflect on eternity. If you are lucky it is one of those special nights when the Hotel Ca’ Nigra Lagoon Resort organizes jazz music and the tasting of sparkling bubbles.....ideal for astonishing and surprising your loved one.

Even only 2-3 days are enough in this authentic venetian jewel for feeling naturally well and in love like youngsters. You can hire a gondola and navigating along the Canal Grande speak in a low voice about your dreams.

Venice is a unique city and this is going to be just the beginning of an intense visit which you will never forget and possibly choose for celebrating your wedding or your anniversaries. The gardens of the Hotel Ca’ Nigra Lagoon Resort will be the romantic setting for your events. During your strolls in the venetian alleys, you will certainly notice shops, bars or unusual little restaurants full of feeling. In this case no advice, just follow your heart.

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Sting in Concert in Venice!
29th July 2011
St Mark's Square
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