In the Centre of Venice

The Ca’ Nigra Lagoon Resort is located on the Canal Grande, the main and most suggestive waterway of Venice along which most of the city's majestic palazzos stand.
Going through the Canal Grande towards St. Mark's, on the right bank and beyond the magnificent garden, one can make out the large windows, the white stone of Istria, the decor of the ancient Venetian palazzo, the Ca’ Nigra Lagoon Resort with its particular charm reminiscent of other times immersed in complete serenity with the sound of the waters that lap up against its walls with sweet and unique cadences.

Next to it one can see Campo S. Simeon Grande, an astounding and typical square of the Venice of times gone by, with its marbles, decor, the old church and its bell tower that sprawls in Romanesque archways.
Further in, among rii, calli and campielli, we find the marvelous church of S. Giovanni Evangelista; built in the 13th century, this second oldest church in the city boasts precious frescoes having been saved from destruction during the Napoleonic era at the beginning of the 19th century. Today it is a very important convention center of international fame and also a venue for concerts thanks to its excellent acoustics.
The timeless and fascinating tranquility of the water is diffused by the muted sounds coming from the various forms of transit filtering all the way to the city's palazzos among which can be seen the rii, calli, and campi, images contributing to the sensation of living in one of the most fascinating cities in the world.
After having admired some residences from the 1700s, among which the Palazzo del Casinò, Ca’ Pesaro, and Ca’ d’Oro, the slow currents will bring us by the soft curve from which to admire the majestic Ponte di Rialto, with its imposing arches and numerous typical shops lining the steps.
Still some more historical palaces, like the Ca’ Foscari headquarters of the famous university, Ca’ Rezzonico, Palazzo Grassi, and the majestic and charming Chiesa della Salute, before having a chance to admire St. Mark's Basin, with its gardens, libraries, museums, bell tower and the unique historical arches of Palazzo Ducale.
As soon as you arrive, continue on foot by the piazzetta, a perfect chance to admire the statues of St. Theodorus and St. Mark, and the Byzantine cupolas of St. Mark's Basilica that tower above, testimonials to the glorious past of the Serenissima.
At the end, the city's drawing room, where every marble, every decor, every stone and sculpture is the manifestation of an ancient glory and way of working, where enchantment and magnificence are fused together in a fairytale celebrated the world over.


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Ca' Nigra Lagoon Resort
Santa Croce 927
30135 Venezia


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