Venezia 1600

Itinerant tour inside our hotel to celebrate Costantino Nigra.
1 hour Guided tour of one “sestiere” (venetian districts) at the research of the traces left behind by the most important characters of the Serenissima Republic.
Welcome drink in the Rose’s Garden on the Grand Canal
10 % Discount on Venetian boutique shops
Discount on Museum tickets

Cost of the supplement – EUR 30,00/person

According to a millennial tradition, March 25, 421 is commonly recognized as the date on which the City of Venice was founded, as evidenced in the manuscript of the Chronicon Altinate and, in more recent times, by Marin Sanudo who, describing the great Rialto fire of 1514 in his Diaries, writes: “…..Only the church of San Giacomo di Rialto, with its leaden roof, remained standing….For this was the first church built in Venice, begun on March 25, 421, as may be read in our chronicles…”
The year 2021 marks 1600 years from the foundation of Venice and the City will be celebrating its anniversary with an exciting program of events organized and promoted by local bodies and institutions, which will include exhibitions, museum and city tours, conferences and seminars.